Commuter Parking Lot Expansion

at the Highway 417 and Limoges Road Interchange

(GWP 4168-15-00)

The Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO) is undertaking a Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) the expansion of an existing commuter parking lot at the Highway 417 and Limoges Road interchange in the Township of Russell and the Municipality of The Nation. Stantec Consulting Limited (Stantec) was retained by the MTO to complete the Preliminary Design and Class EA Study for this assignment.

You are encouraged to participate in the study and to provide comments in writing to the project team. If you wish to have your name added to the project mailing list contact the project team.


About the Project

This Preliminary Design and Class EA Study includes the expansion of an existing commuter parking lot at Highway 417 and Prescott and Russell Road/Limoges Road in the Township of Russell and the Municipality of The Nation. The existing commuter parking lot is located just south of Highway 417 on the east side of Limoges Road and has a capacity of approximately 58 standard parking spaces and three accessible spaces. The purpose of the study is to identify a Recommended Plan for expansion of the existing commuter parking lot in order to provide adequate facilities for current and future use. The proposed expansion will include an expansion to approximately 135 standard parking spaces, six barrier free spaces, and two van spaces. This project will also investigate the provision for a bus loop and shelter, and illumination and signage improvements. The details of the proposed work will be further developed as the Preliminary Design progresses, and the alternatives will be available on this website for review.

Contact the project team if you wish to submit questions or comments.

About the Study

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) provides a decision-making process to make sure that all relevant engineering and environmental factors are considered in the planning and design of transportation facilities (Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for Provincial Transportation Facilities, 2000). The present study is a Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment Study undertaken as a Group ‘C’ project.

Group ‘C’ projects include improvements to service, maintenance, and operations for existing provincial transportation facilities that do not involve major footprint impacts, or significant increases to traffic and/or truck layover capacity. Group ‘C’ projects are considered approved under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act, subject to compliance with the Class EA and the application of mitigation measures where necessary. An Environmental Screening Document (ESD) fulfills the documentation requirements of the Class EA process for a Group ‘C’ project. The ESD will be filed with the MTO for their records at the end of the Preliminary Design study. There is no formal review period for the ESD.

The ESD will be prepared to document the following:

  • The major features of the proposed work
  • A full description of the consultation program
  • Identification of all project approvals, licenses and permits that have been or must be obtained
  • Environmental impacts, mitigation, and protection measures that will be implemented
  • Commitments to future work

Detailed information regarding the MTO Class EA and Ontario EA Act is available under Documentation


Agency and public consultation will take place throughout the Preliminary Design and Class EA Study. The Consultation Plan will include:

  • Notice of Preliminary Design Study Commencement
  • Consultation with regulatory agencies
  • Communication with Indigenous Groups
  • Communication with property owners, residents, and businesses in the study area

All notices will be published in the following local newspapers:

  • Chesterville Record (in English)
  • Winchester Press (in English)
  • Rockland Vision (in French)
  • Embrun Le Reflect (in French)

The notices and project materials will also be posted in Documentation and sent directly to all contacts on the project mailing list.

Stakeholder input will be incorporated into the project findings and recommendations as appropriate.


To provide your comments or make a request to be added to the project mailing list, email the project team at [email protected], or use the contact form.


Contact form

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Comments and information regarding this study are being collected to satisfy the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act, and in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All comments will be maintained on file for use during the study and, with the exception of personal information, may be included in study documentation and become part of the public record. 

Please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements to participate in this study.
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